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Field Sales Effectiveness Apps Devices Flexibility

Attention: Did you know? 60% of bad Field sales experience can be addressed effectively through Field Sales Automation

Are you currently bogged down by loosing leads/opportunities attributed to bad sales experience? And In 2016, Are you looking to transform your sales team to deliver the best first impression to make to the most of the time you have in front of the customer? According to our study. The root cause of 60% of the bad field sales experience can be attributed to.

  • Pursuing wrong opportunity with inadequate customer intelligence
  • Poor Value proposition / Sales presentation
  • Inability to generate and present quote during meeting
  • Lack of collaboration / field sales reps working in Silo’s.

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Field Sales Effectiveness Apps, Devices & Flexibility

Field Sales Effectiveness: Apps, Devices & Flexibility

We keep hearing the comment that ‘sales should become modern’. Not now, probably for many decades now.

The definition of “Modern” is different for different companies, different industries, different regions, different people. For example, someone writing their contact details in a trusted notebook may consider a spreadsheet database of all contacts as “Modern”, whereas another company with a full-fledged CRM implementation may consider the same spreadsheet database as “Ancient”.

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Knowledge Tree

Knowledge Tree

Knowledge is power: it is true in every industry, more so when you are on the field trying to sell a product or a service to a bunch of folks who have a problem and won’t accept anything less than a perfect solution to it.

 Field sales executives use knowledge-bases to fill this gap. They read all the engineering documents, whitepapers, marketing materials, FAQs, customer testimonials, research for the product/service online, some even create their own knowledge articles such as how a particular product/service compares against a competitor, what strategy can be used to sell the product/service to a particular industry etc.,

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