What if…. You know the secret ingredients for a successful sales growth

Conventional CRM platforms are unable to help organizations drive sales growth (CSO Insight Report).

Sales force prospecting, needs analysis, and qualification effectiveness assessment

(Source: CSO Insights Measuring Sales & Marketing Effectiveness)

What is the change needed in CRM?

Instead, what businesses want from CRM to drive growth?

Businesses need to understand their own unique business drivers, draw insights, make quality  & quick decisions and drive action. AND being able to do so with no huge operational and infrastructure investments, says experts.

Oracle Sales Cloud & FieldSalesPro helps to answer all key questions to grow sales.

Oracle Sales Cloud

Oracle Sales Cloud brings solutions that help organizations not only track, manage and report key customer and sales data, but also takes a scientific approach to reveal actionable insights such as:

  • Lead/Opportunity Scoring
  • Product Recommendations and
  • Whitespace Analysis

Oracle Sales Cloud’s Sales prediction features enable organizations to capture and leverage predictive sales intelligence. Predictive models, analyze sales data to evaluate buying patterns. After the evaluation of model results, lead generation can be scheduled to disseminate lead recommendations to others. Each lead recommendation includes win likelihood, average expected revenue, and sales cycle duration.

Oracle Sales Cloud’s Sales performance management capabilities like territory modeling with what-if analysis, Top-down and bottom-up Quota planning, Sales compensation plan automation and dashboards help organizations to plan, forecast, measure & optimize sales growth.


FieldSalesPro is a tailored mobile app for sales teams to close deals on the move.

FieldSalesPro helps the sales team:

  • To articulate product differentiation
  • To deliver the pitch and handle objections
  • To provide a method for sales interactions
  • To reduce time spent on research and building sales collaterals

FieldSalesPro is tightly integrated with Oracle Sales Cloud and offers:

  • Advanced product catalogue capabilities – detailed product specifications, high resolution product images, product application simulations, advanced search & ordering samples
  • Sales Meeting effectiveness capabilities – planning sales meetings, accessing customer/prospect information, account intelligence, relevant sales collaterals, creating opportunities & quotes, recording actions during sales meetings, consolidation & emailing of meeting minutes to all participants
  • Quoting capabilities – quote selection, pricing, approvals, multi-lingual & personalized templates, preview, copy & revise, one click quote generation.
  • Dashboards provide visibility on key sales metrics of products, meetings & participants.
  • All capabilities are also available offline making it a true mobile solution.

Benefits of using FieldsSalesPro with Oracle Sales Cloud

  • High user adoption
  • Improved data quality
  • Reduced manual effort
  • Reduced field sales dependency on marketing & sales operations
  • Sales efficiency analytics for tracking & managing key metrics
  • 30% to 50% reduced sales cycle
  • High conversion rate
  • Revenue increase by 20%
  • Online & Offline access

By having the sales team spend their time effectively on the first meeting, sales cycles and  close ratios improve drastically.

Author: C.A Mohammed

26th May, 2016

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